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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Wonderful Winter Bread

About 2 weeks ago I started this post.  I had a couple finishing touches that I wanted to do before I posted it and told myself that the next morning I would do so and then push the lovely "publish post" button so that I could share this yummy bread recipe with all of you.  Well, something very special happened before I could do those last minute touches to this water broke at 1:20 in the a.m. and I went into labor.  About 3 1/2 hours later I gave birth to beautiful Colette.  Here she is all snuggled up on my sister....

Needless to say I wasn't able to sit down at my computer the next morning and complete the last touches to this post!  I am slowly getting back on my feet and finding a rhythm to my day that involves a couple more things other than nursing, changing diapers and caring for little Coco and Jolie.  Please don't give up on my blogging as I have every intention to get back into a regular routine of doing so. To all of my food blog friends I miss checking you out on a daily basis! - I feel like I have so much to catch up on. :-)

In the mean time here is my blog post that I started a few weeks's kind of fun to read that I was still pregnant with Colette when I originally wrote this post. :-)


Yes, I have yet to have my baby (as of 9pm on 1/11/11).  We are all waiting patiently.  Every day I wake up and wonder, will this be the day?!? And then in an effort to keep busy I tacile one more project in preparation for the baby's arrival.  I also find something wonderful to bake or cook  just to keep busy and active.  Needless to say my queue for blogging recipes is FULL!  - this is a good thing for I have a feeling that once the baby arrives my flexibility and time will be taken up by the tiny Bambino.  Can't wait!!!

Last week I was blessed to have a day with my mom.  I had been wanting to make bread and had found a wonderful recipe in a small Taste of Home magazine that I had picked up at the super market earlier this year.  In this little magazine I found a recipe for Swirled Pumpkin Yeast Bread.  A hearty bread cock full of delicious flavor and color from the pumpkin puree and plump raisins mixed into this lovely bread.  My family ate the bread toasted with butter or peanut butter.  I also made a lovely french toast with slices of this bread dipped in a mixture of egg, milk, vanilla and ground cinnamon.  Super yum bread with so many possibilities.

I do have to say that one of the hardest parts of making this bread was the kneading process.  Thankfully my mom was with me and was able to put her strength and non-pregnant body into helping with this part.  Because she is a little bitty of a woman my mom had to gain some height for extra strength so she kneeled on a stool to really get "on top" of the bread....

At one point she had to really put her body into the kneading and she actually stood up from a kneeling position on the stool to a standing position.  Mothers are so great!  Here is an "action" shot of her kneading....

Swirled Pumpkin Yeast Bread
(recipe from Taste of Home)
Recipe makes 2 loaves of bread

Bread Ingredients:

4 1/2 - 5 cups AP flour

3 cups whole wheat flour (I used WHITE whole wheat flour)

2 cups oats (I used regular although quick-cooking was recommended)

2/3 cup packed brown sugar

2 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

2 packages (1/4 oz each) active dry yeast

1 1/2 cups warm water (120 - 130 degrees)

1 cup pumpkin puree

1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/3 cup canola oil

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 heaping cup raisins

Filling Ingredients:

1/4 cup butter, softened

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

Bread Directions:

1. In a large bowl combine 2 cups AP flour, (white) whole wheat flour, oats, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice,  salt,  sugar and yeast.  Add in warm water, pumpkin puree, applesauce and oil - mix until just moistened.

2. Add in eggs and beat until smooth. 

3. Stir in remaining AP flour to form a firm dough then add in raisins.

4. Turn dough onto a lightly floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic - about 6-8 minutes.  Place dough in a greased bowl, turning once to grease all of the dough...

  Cover dough and let rise in a warm place until doubled - about an hour...

5. Punch dough down.  Turn onto a lightly floured surface, cut in half....

  Roll each portion into an 18"x9" rectangle.   Brush each dough rectangle with softened butter within 1/2" of the edges....

  Combine brown sugar and cinnamon and then sprinkle over buttered dough.  Roll up jelly-roll style, starting with a short side.....

  Pinch seams to seal.

6. Place each dough roll seam side down in two greased 9"x5" loaf pans. Cover pans and let rise until doubled - about 30-45 minutes....

  I buttered my risen breads just before I popped them into the oven....just an added touch on my part.

7. Bake breads in a preheated 350 degrees F. oven for 55-65 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks to cool completely.  

Slice and enjoy as you please!

Happy Swirled Pumpkin Yeast Bread Baking!


  1. Defiantly the most beautiful thing you have baked Avril. How sweet is she and such a pretty name. Isn't it love at first site? Take care and you will get back in to routine. It just takes time. The photo of your mom cracked me up. Look at her knead that bread. GO MOM!!!

  2. I love the photos of your mom! I'm sitting here laughing. :)

    The bread looks delicious, Avril, but it is definitely eclipsed by your beautiful baby girl in this post. I love her pouty little lips...I miss that newborn pout so much!

  3. For a second there I couldn't tell if your kitchen was minuscule or your mom really tall - good thing I read the post LOL!

    Looks delish! I love pumpkin - I'll have to give it a try!

  4. Hooray, mom to the rescue(and the stool too)! :) This bread looks absolutely delicious, and I have lots of pumpkin still in my pantry! Thanks for sharing, Avril! BTW, your little Coco(love the nickname!) is beautiful! Lastly, yippee for short labors! :)

  5. This bread looks yummy... I have made a few breads this winter. We have made home made pizza, too.

    Congratulations on your new baby. Have fun as she will grow fast and want to be "helping" you making little "worms" out of bread dough. :)

  6. What a GORGEOUS little girl you have there Avril. Oh my gosh, she's just precious. :o) Your bread truly does look delicious. It came out great. I like the idea of a yeasted pumpkin bread, I've only had pumpkin quick bread. Have fun with little Coco!

  7. Congratulations with the new baby! She's adorable! Love the pic with your mom, pretty funny and good for her! The bread sounds delicious!

  8. Little Coco is so lovely! Don't worry when you post something we will read it! Enjoy these days, they don't come back. PS great bread too.

  9. Your bread looks wonderful!

    I bet you days are VERY busy with a new baby!

  10. Colette is gorgeous! And I love her name, so pretty :)

    That bread looks so yummy. I'm so intimidated to make yeast bread.... I have to get over this fear. Look at what I'm missing out on!

  11. I think you had a good excuse for delaying this post. She is adorable!!! The bread was worth the wait for it looks so delicious.

  12. Ahhh my dear friend, sweet little Coco is so stunning! You take care of YOU and take your time getting back into the swing of things...reality tends to come back way too soon after such miracles! Enjoy this time and we will all be here waiting :)

  13. congratulations!! she is so beautiful!!

  14. I love these pictures of your mom!!!! Had such a wonderful time holding Colette you see with Z3 they do not stay small for long!

  15. oh such good news Avril. Congratulations on your new baby girl. I love the picture of your momkneading...there is nothing better in this world than the smell of rising bread unless of course it is the smell of a freshly powdered baby!

  16. Congratulations on your new arrival! Mothers are the best!

  17. Your little baby is so adorable! Congratulations! It's great to have your mom around kneading for you! She must be one happy grandma now. Take care of yourself, take your time, see you when you get back to blogging!

  18. You are a stylish blogger! Stop by to see. Enjoy your day.

  19. Congratulations on you beautiful daughter. Best wishes. How great to see a picture of your Mom. She is definately one of my favorite people. Hugs.

  20. That's awesome!! Your mom rocks! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! We will be here when you are rested and ready to come back!

  21. First of all- congrats on the gorgeous new addition to your family! Shes such a cutie :)

    Just found your site! You have some great recipes :)
    THis one in particular stood out to me- I host a weekly event Titled Seasonal Sundays- and this one fits the theme perfectly. If you ever want to participate I would be thrilled to have you!




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