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Monday, June 23, 2014

3-Ingredient ELVIS Soft Serve Ice Cream

Elvis was a pretty special guy.  He could swing and shake his hips like no one else out there.  He had a very distinctive way to talk and of course his singing was pretty darn cool too.  He even had a love for the combo of PB and banana.  My kind of guy! I'm pretty keen on the taste of these two flavors together.  I recently discovered that Nora from Natural Noshings is also quite happy with such a combo of ingredients. Yup, Nora shares a fabulous recipe (with ONLY 3 ingredients in it!) for a soft serve ice cream just like ELVIS would've liked.  Simple. Decadent with peanut butter and banana.  And so easy to make.
Natural Noshings has been my most recent assignment from the Secret Recipe Club which I participate in each month.  Once again my happiness to be "introduced" to a new food blogger was above and beyond with delight.  Nora is a completely adorable young lady who has a passion in life for delicious and wholesome food along with being physically active.  She's a gem.
As I browsed and explored through Natural Noshings I started to mark recipes that caught my eye.  My list began with her Cherry Walnut Oat Muffins (anything CHERRY stops me in my tracks) and then I found myself considering to make her recipe for Mediterranean Scramble with Goat Cheese (egg dishes are just the best....especially when I'm watching my carbs). But as soon as I came across the recipe for 3-Ingredient ELVIS Soft Serve Ice Cream I knew I had found my pick.  I had just bought a beautiful jar of natural peanut butter from Trader Joe's and I had a whole bag full of frozen bananas that were calling for some recipe action.  The third ingredient that was called for in the recipe is actually an optional one as you can choose what you'd like as a topping.  Nora went with crumbled bacon pieces sprinkled on top of her frozen delight.  I went with chocolate chips.  Chopped peanuts, a drizzling of honey, a dash of ground cinnamon or even just pain old yummy chocolate sauce are just a few more ideas of what could be used as the 3rd component to this sweet.
A food processor is the machine of choice to whip up this frozen treat.  I used my nutri-bullet and after struggling a bit to get to the finished project I decided that next time I make this recipe I will indeed use the food processor as it would probably be faster and more efficient. 
This recipe makes enough for 2 medium size servings or 1 large serving.  I ate half of my dish and saved the rest for later covered in the freezer as it was quite filling.
I thank you, Dear Nora for sharing this recipe in blog land so that I too can pass it onto many others to enjoy!
3-Ingredient ELVIS Soft Serve Ice Cream
           (recipe from Natural Noshings)
4-5 medium to large bananas, peeled, sliced and frozen
2-3 Tbsps peanut butter - creamy, crunchy, salted or unsalted (your choice)
Topping of your choice - chocolate chips, chopped nuts, chocolate sauce, drizzling of honey, crumbled cooked bacon
1. Place frozen banana slices and peanut butter into the bowl of food processor.  Mix until smooth.  Stop of scrape down the sides after a couple of seconds to make sure all bananas and PB is incorporated.
2.  Dish immediately into serving bowls to eat right away or place in a covered dish into the freezer. Sprinkle or spoon desired topping before eating.  Enjoy!
Happy 3-Ingredient ELVIS Soft Serve Ice Cream Making!


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