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A little about ME!

Hello!  And welcome to my blog!  My name is Avril and I live in New England - Southern NH at that.  We have 2 little girls that keep us on our toes but make our hearts sing with happiness at all moments of the day.  I live, dream, think and breath all things baked.  At the age of 7 I can remember following a recipe from the Joy of Cooking and baking my very first cake.  Ever since then (yup close to 35+ years later) baking and cooking has been my passion.

When I am not baking or running around with my head cut off to dance classes and other fun girly activities, I work full-time, independently, as an Elderly Care Provider.  I am blessed to have such a job as I adore all the precious elderly I work with and care for.

 I dream of opening up a bakery.  Maybe it will happen.  Maybe it won't.  But in the meantime I will bake like crazy and enjoy every minute of it!  Thank you for visiting my blog - it means the world to me! :-)

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