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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cheesy "Bloomin' Onion" Bread and the WINNER

Remember these two lovely items?  Well, the WINNER of this little duo is.... #7, April from Abby Sweets!  Congrats to you April!  I will be contacting you to find out your mailing address so that I can send you your little prize bundle.   I had so much fun with my first giveaway....I can't wait to do another one! :-)

After all that excitement I have a VERY d'lish appetizer recipe to share.   And WOW is it serious YUM!  Easy to make.  Lots of melted cheese.  And it disappears FAST so don't even think of walking away too far once you bring it out of the oven.

Cheesy "Bloomin' Onion" Bread
(recipe discovered on Your Homebased Mom's blog - Thank you Leigh Anne!)


*Round Sourdough Bread - unsliced with a good hardy crust  (I used 2 small  round sourdough breads from Panera)

*8 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese - thinly sliced (I also added some horseradish cheddar which wonderful addition to the M.J. cheese flavor)

*1/2 cup butter - melted

*1/2 cup finely diced green onions, including the white part

*2-3 tsp Poppy Seeds


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Take your bread and carefully cut into bread (DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH BREAD TO THE BOTTOM CRUST) with a sharp bread knife going in both directions.... bread on a foil covered cookie sheet.

3. Place slices of cheese between cuts in bread.  Sprinkle with green onions....

....pour melted butter all over top of bread (I used 1 stick for 2 small breads)....

....and then sprinkle with poppy seeds....

(Leigh Anne suggests wrapping whole bread in tin foil before placing in the oven - I did not do this step (guess I got too excited for the whole recipe that I didn't read the directions very well) - only had tin foil on the bottom of the cookie sheet.  You are welcome to do what feels best to you.)

....pop bread in the oven for 15 minutes - or until cheese is nicely melted.

Take out of oven.....


 ...and let cool for a couple of minutes (if you can stand it) before you place bread/breads in front of your crowd and it is is devoured!!!

Happy Cheesy "Bloomin' Onion" Bread Making!

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  1. WOW! I immediately copied this recipe! What a great idea! I know this is going to be very popular at the BBQ's I go to this summer! Can't wait! Thanks!

  2. LOL! I literally JUST saw this recipe in an old Taste of Home that I was looking through as I was packing my stash-o-shame (my embarrassingly HUGE collection of cookbooks/magazines). Looks fabulous!
    Great job my friend :)

  3. I am so making this recipe!!! Looks delish!! And thank you! I am so excited, I can't wait to use the food tattoos!

  4. This is a fantastic idea and you did a great job. I just want to pull off pieces of that bread and make a pig of myself.....

  5. My husband is working late tonight (what's new?) so me and the kids will be trying this tonight, love it! Just gonna throw together a spinach salad and some fruit. I'll let ya know how everyone likes it.

  6. Wowie! This bread look so delicious, Avril! I'm sure I could easily eat the whole thing!

  7. Oh wow, Avril, how did I miss this post? I love the look and definitely the flavors!

  8. This really looks so good I want to try to fix this 😋



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